Drawing Mushrooms

Although we like to draw by studying our nature finds, I find it helpful to have the kids watch some "how to draw" videos and tutorials when we approach a new subject. When we are doing a nature study we are helping to train the eye to see shapes, colors, and other details. When we use "how to" drawing lessons we are helping to train the hand and learn a few tricks for creating forms and shading in order to replicate what we see.

Here are a few videos on how to draw mushrooms to get you started.

The first video is a quick and easy way to draw a mushroom. The examples above are the images my kids produced following this video. Practicing it a few times will help you get familiar with the basic form of a mushroom.


This is a long but worth while video that explains some parts of the mushroom as well as gives helpful tips for drawing, coloring, and shading mushrooms. Unfortunately some of the projection images are hard to see but the information is great. You might...Read more

Support Handmade :: October 2014

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the members of our Support Handmade program. At Wee Folk Art we cherish the work that small, handmade shop owners provide. We believe that items created with love do make a difference in the lives of the people they touch. We invite you to take a moment and browse theses shops. We are sure you will find something magical. To find out how your shop can become involved in our Support Handmade program click here.


Woolies ~ Sara

Woolies combines my passion for knitting and my love of animals. Still a child at heart, I delight in the magic and joy that small animals bring to us. The comfort and warmth that a lovey portrays....I still have a few of my stuffed animals from my childhood long ago. They are cherished possessions.

We have 11 animals currently on our little ranch - 2 horses, 1 wild pony, 4 dogs, 3 cats and a desert tortoise, many of them rescued animals....Read more

Cheerful Sunflower Coloring Page

Here is our Cheerful Sunflower Applique Block turned into a Cheerful Sunflower Coloring Page. You can see I've taken the sunflower out of the corner and completed the leaves and stem.

You can find the Cheerful Sunflower Coloring Page HERE.

You can find the Cheerful Sunflower Applique Block HERE.

You can find the October Applique Blocks HERE.

You can find a collection of WEE FOLK ART'S Coloring Pages HERE.

We hope your family enjoys!Read more

Cheerful Sunflower Applique Block

I have always loved sunflowers, I think that is why I love Vincent Van Gogh so much. To me sunflowers help make that transition from summer to autumn. We have many feeders in our yard, and we have found over time, the medium ground sunflowers are enjoyed by all our birds, from the smallest finch to the largest blue jay. One year Tim and I decided to grow a plot of sunflowers. We thought we might be able to grow enough to help feed the birds over the winter. Trouble is, the little darlings found the sunflower seeds while they were still growing on their stalks. By the time they were truly ready to harvest they were almost picked clean. Of course, it was our intent to feed the birds, but I would have enjoyed having some cut flowers in the house before we dried out the seeds :)


As usual, I designed the sunflower to fit on a 6" x 6" block but it can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs. Enjoy!  


The pattern for the Cheery Sunflower Applique Block can be found HERE.

The tutorial on How to Enlarge and...Read more

Nature Study :: Fungi / October 2014

This past week we worked on a fun Nature Study. I am hoping to have this turn into a fuller study, but if not, we did learn quite a bit in one afternoon and had a lot of fun. It started with fungi popping up all over our backyard, which happens every autumn and sometimes earlier if we have cool, wet summer. We have several shady spots where the fungi dwell. The kids learned early on not to the touch the mushrooms because they might be poisonous but fungi are of course fascinating to observe.

We started our Nature Study by reading about the mushrooms in Handbook of Nature Study (pages 714-719). Both of my older kiddos have read about fungi in their science books recently, so much of this was a review for them. Then we took a spade, tray, and camera out into the yard to dig up some specimens for further study.

Between our backyard and the small wooded area across the street from us, we unearthed at least...Read more

A Child's Dream Giveaway :: Organic Plant Dyed Wool Felt Kit

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How to Enter: Visit A Child's Dream and take a look around. Explore all of her natural craft supplies, then come back and leave a comment...Read more