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hi, i love their curvy boards, labyrynth boards, and i placed an HUGE order with them for my last christmas :)


hi again, i also liked them on fb. thanks i hope i win ! :)

Sponsor: Bella Luna Toys

Give-Away Date: Saturday, June 28, 8am EST – Sunday, June 29, 8pm EST

Number of Winners: 1

Prize: Fairy House Kit

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Fairy House Kit

In preparation of this weekend's give-away sponsored by Bella Luna Toys, we received a Fairy House Kit to try out and review. It is an all inclusive (you just provide a screw driver and your imagination) kit designed by Pied Piper Crafts that even includes a hot glue gun.

Although Gammy (aka Kimara) has an amazing Gnome House, we have a much smaller Fairy & Gnome set up in our own home. The girls loved putting together their own Fairy House and especially enjoyed coming up with furniture using the included natural materials (plus a few things from our nature table) and the now "oh so cool" hot glue gun. We have obviously not used the hot glue gun much because the girls thought it was awesome.

The kit comes with three wooden platform pieces, 2 hardwood log supports, screws, hot glue gun, rocks, shells, bark, moss, pinecones, twine, and some other fun nature items.

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Unfinished Projects

I am in the process of making my way through our entire blog. This summer we are celebrating our 6th Anniversary, and there are a LOT of old blog posts to go through. Because we are a crafting blog, with tutorials throughout, posts shared 6 years ago are just as relevant today. With Wee Folk Art's new format, and the wonderful new Galleries (you can access them all my clicking on the flower icons right under the large Wee Folk Art logo at the top of each page of the blog) it makes it easier to find all our past projects, HOWEVER, there are gems, like these hobby horses, that aren't in a Gallery because I never shared the tutorial!

You can see the original post with lots more photos HERE

The wee ones have been playing with their hobby horses for 6 years but I forgot all about my plans to come back and write a tutorial. At the time, I did not take photos of the whole process, and I discovered that there are a few things I would change anyway, but a post-it note has gone up on my cupboard, which...Read more

Crazy Quilt Post Earring Hoop

Since the completion of our new master suite, I have something I've never had before.. a place for everything. With the addition of our walk-in-closet, I can now bring together all my jewelry and scarves into one space. Although I'm still working on getting it just right, Tim mounted a closet/pantry rack on a wall. It was a simple solution and it is working out just great! 

I've used shower curtain rings to hold my scarves and some of my necklaces. I've fastened other necklaces directly to the rack, and I've hung my dangly earrings right over the wires.

I still have much to add to my rack. I've gotten some little boxes for my better jewelry I want to decoupage. I have since decided to remove my "snow scarves" (the ones rolled in the bottom shelves) from the rack and store elsewhere. I also have many brooches and barrettes that I want to add. Looking forward to coming up with solutions for displaying them all. 

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Flutter Sleeve Tops

It has been quite awhile since I've done much apparel sewing. When my kids were little they were quite happy in mom made skirts and shorts, but as they have gotten a bit older, they have also gotten a bit pickier. Although my girls both still love a twirly skirt, they now prefer knit bottoms that allow for cartwheels and splits. I've also found that the patterns we love stop around size 6 or 8. So moms who have issues with the tween clothing in stores have little choice in patterns as well. But all of my kiddos have recently picked out fabrics requesting mom made items and I'm happy to do so but I'm not sure what to make. The simple Elastic Gathered Waist Skirt that I used to turn out by the dozen doesn't really work for them any more.

So this post is in part a call out. Please readers share with me your favorite clothing patterns for girls sizes 8-14. Keep in mind twirly girls...Read more


Every summer, Tim and I like to add something new to the yard for the wee ones. One year it was a dragon swing, another year log balance beams. There have been pools and play structures, fairy gardens and water fountains. This year we bought a Slackline from Bella Luna Toys. What, you may ask, is a slackline, or more importantly, slacklining? According to Wikipedia "Slacklining is a practice in balance that uses nylon webbing tensioned between two anchor points. Slacklining is distinct from tightrope walking in that the line is not held rigidly taut (although it is still under some tension); it is instead dynamic, stretching and bouncing like a long and narrow trampoline."

I was thrilled when I got it in last week. Michelle, not so much so...

Michelle: (Going all wild-eyed and the right side of her mouth twitching.) Are you crazy? The recital is this weekend.

Me: So?

Michelle: Kids keep coming into the dance studio with ankles wrapped or on crutches. They're dropping like flies!

Me: And?

Michelle: MOM! The girls are in 8 dances. We bought 8 costumes. They aren't doing anything remotely risky...Read more