Window Pane Owl Pillow

After I completed my stack of cute embroidered owls, I turned them into a throw pillow cover.


  • 1/2 yd quilt fabric
  • 9 completed embroidered owls on muslin
  • 18" pillow form
  • thread

All seam allowances are 1/4."

First I trimmed each of my owls (you will need 9) into a neat 5.5" square. I used this paper window to help me center the owls when I was cutting.

For the back and borders you will need 1/2 yd of fabric.

Cut one piece 18x10" and another 18x15" for the back.

Cut 4 strips 18x1.75" for the borders. Cut two of those strips into 1.75x5.5" strips (you will need 6).

Decide how you want to arrange your owls. Sew each row together with a strip of the border fabric between each owl.

Iron all of your seams.

Sew your rows together with a strip of the long border fabric between each row.

Iron all of your seams.

Trim up the edges if needed. You...Read more

The Birth of a Bowl

On March 26, I got an email from Tim with just the words "SAVE THE DATE - Saturday, April 12" with no other explanations. When asked about it, he'd give me no answers.

"Fine", I said, "but can our Facebook readers ask questions?"

He said, "Sure, as long as they are fairly general and yes or no questions."

So that evening, I posted the following on Facebook. 

"Okay, folks, how good are you at "20 Questions"? You know the game where someone is thinking of something, and you try to figure it out, and you can only ask "yes" or "no" questions.

Well, I just received an email from my incredible hubby, Tim, with this photo (SAVE THE DATE) and the text read...

"Saturday, April 12th. That is all. For now…."

So, I get to ask 20 questions. If you could ask him a question for me, what would it be? Remember... only "yes" or "no" questions!


If you want to see the questions, and some were quite amusing, make your way back to April 26 on Wee Folk Art's Facebook Page.

Embroidery Pattern :: Needle Work Owls

I have been working on an embroidered pillow project for the last couple of weeks. I started with drawing up several cute little owls. These owls were designed to fit on a 5" square. You can download the Owl Embroidery Pattern here.

I then chose a light and dark colored floss in similar colors for the owl bodies plus a peach color for the beak and feet. The face, eyes, and wings are done in one color. The body and chest pattern are done in the other. I mixed and matched the faces with different wing shapes to create more variety. I also made up the patterns on the wings as I went along. You can just leave them plain if you prefer. I love how much individual personality each owl seems to have.

These owls are stitched on natural muslin. I cut the muslin into approximately 10" squares to fit in my hoop. All of the lines are backstitched with 2 strands...Read more

Sarah's Silks :: Growing Up with Silks Give-Away

Growing Up With Sarah's Silks

Comments are now closed. The winners have been selected. Congratulations Stacy and Jenn.


How much fun?!

Permalink Submitted by Stacy Adams (not verified) on Sat, 05/31/2014 - 08:36

I love the mini silks book, and the mini's. The large ones are fantastic too. What little one wouldn't want to get lost in them!


starry night & rainbow

Permalink Submitted by Jenn S (not verified) on Sat, 05/31/2014 - 14:14

starry night & rainbow playsilks & a crown!!!

If you are one of the lucky winners, please email us with your contact information. If you did not win, remember that Sarah has offer all of our readers 10% off your next purchase. Our next give-away will be in two weeks. Be sure to stop by and try again.

Use the code WEEFOLKART and save 10% off your next order.


Sponsor: Sarah's Silks

Give-Away Date: Saturday, May 31, 8am EST – Sunday, June 1, 8pm EST

Number of Winners: 2

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Restoring Order to the Gnome Home

Our building project not only had an effect on our lives, but our poor gnomes also felt the strain. They were "put up high" on our dry sink, hoping to keep them safe from the work crews and general disarray. One day, I walked into the living room, actually, it was more like blazing a trail since the entire contents of our downstairs were sequestered in the room, to find Pixie, teetering on an ottoman, which she managed to place on the couch, just to get to the gnomes! Finally, yesterday, the living room was set right, and the gnome home was once again put in place. Pixie and Fairy spent oodles of time arranging and rearranging the house. Finally, Pixie told me that they moved all the furniture out of the kitchen, and it was turned into a ballroom so all the gnomes and their friends could celebrate moving back into their house.

From the sounds coming from the gnome house, I would say they partied well into the night! Welcome back, wee friends!

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Simple Silk Skirt Tutorial

This weekend we are excited to be working with Sarah's Silks to offer our readers another awesome give-away. My children have "grown up" draped in Sarah's Silks. They have been a part of their dramatic play, turning every day children into knights and fairies. They've added rivers to the gnome village, ponds for ducklings and starry nights to play areas. They've decorated their rooms, lined baskets, and made Boho head scarves, just 'cuz.

Although the wee ones are getting older, silks are still important to them. Fairy is a dancer. Much of her free time is spent moving to music. She takes 8 individual dance classes. She LOVES dancing! And, with just a wee bit of effort... and truly... this is a super simple project, 2 Sarah's Silks can be turned into a lovely dance skirt. Make sure to visit Sarah's Silks to see all the possibilities, then gather together a sharp needle, a little thread, a piece of elastic, and tah dah a skirt fit for a growing "Fairy" dancer! 



To create a Fairy Skirt, fold...Read more