Restoring Order to the Gnome Home

Our building project not only had an effect on our lives, but our poor gnomes also felt the strain. They were "put up high" on our dry sink, hoping to keep them safe from the work crews and general disarray. One day, I walked into the living room, actually, it was more like blazing a trail since the entire contents of our downstairs were sequestered in the room, to find Pixie, teetering on an ottoman, which she managed to place on the couch, just to get to the gnomes! Finally, yesterday, the living room was set right, and the gnome home was once again put in place. Pixie and Fairy spent oodles of time arranging and rearranging the house. Finally, Pixie told me that they moved all the furniture out of the kitchen, and it was turned into a ballroom so all the gnomes and their friends could celebrate moving back into their house.

From the sounds coming from the gnome house, I would say they partied well into the night! Welcome back, wee friends!

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Simple Silk Skirt Tutorial

This weekend we are excited to be working with Sarah's Silks to offer our readers another awesome give-away. My children have "grown up" draped in Sarah's Silks. They have been a part of their dramatic play, turning every day children into knights and fairies. They've added rivers to the gnome village, ponds for ducklings and starry nights to play areas. They've decorated their rooms, lined baskets, and made Boho head scarves, just 'cuz.

Although the wee ones are getting older, silks are still important to them. Fairy is a dancer. Much of her free time is spent moving to music. She takes 8 individual dance classes. She LOVES dancing! And, with just a wee bit of effort... and truly... this is a super simple project, 2 Sarah's Silks can be turned into a lovely dance skirt. Make sure to visit Sarah's Silks to see all the possibilities, then gather together a sharp needle, a little thread, a piece of elastic, and tah dah a skirt fit for a growing "Fairy" dancer! 



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Inchworm Coloring Page

Here is our newest coloring page based on our Inchworm Applique Block. Children... or you... can use markers, crayons or paintings. The only requirement is to have fun :)

Pattern for Inchworm Coloring Page can be found HERE.

Inchworm Applique Block can be found HERE.

A VERY basic watercoloring for your Coloring Pages tutorial can be found HERE.

After you are done coloring or painting your Coloring Page, you can always add detail using a thin, permanent marker. Both ways look good. Just depends on your mood!

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State Studies Unit 2 :: Overview


Here is the Overview Schedule for the State Studies Unit 2. The quizzes and journal pages will be available shortly. I plan to have them all done by the end of July. I will be posting the directions for the crafts over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Week 10: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Week 11: Georgia, Florida, Alabama

Week 12: Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi

Week 13: Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas

Week 14: Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona

Week 15: Colorado, Utah, Nevada

Week 16: Idaho, Wyoming, Montana

Inchworm Applique Block

I grew up listening to and reading fairy tales. My favorite stories came from The Grim Brothers and Hans Christen Andersen, with Mr. Andersen being my very favorite. I loved The Princess and the Pea, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina and The Ugly Duckling. I remember seeing the movie Hans Christian Andersen with Danny Kaye, and fell in love with the song about The Inchworm. It wasn't until later, when I couldn't find the story,The Inchworm, in any books, that I discovered that not everything you see in movies is true! As an adult, I saw the movie again, and the narration began with "Once upon a time there lived in Denmark a great storyteller named Hans Christian Andersen. This is not the story of his life, but a fairy tale about the great spinner of fairy tales." So, there you have it!

Despite the fact that The Inchworm is not a Hans Christine Andersen story, I still associate it with him, because, truly, it is the kind of story that he would have written. In the song, the inchworm is too...Read more

Planting Cosmos

Have you ever noticed, how at the beginning of spring, everyone is so anxious to get into the gardens? Later, as long summer days bake the ground, and the parched Earth cries out for a freshening shower, what was once "fun" can become "chores"? But, with partly cloudy skies, a balmy 72 degrees, and flats of cosmos just waiting to find their summer home, everyone joyously dug into the moist dirt, enjoying the smells and frequent encounters with worms :)

Unfortunately, Bug had a little more school work to finish up...

But how bad can that even be when you are outside, with a babbling fountain serenading you?

I was concerned when I thought my arthritis would deprive me of the joy I always experienced in my gardens. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Now, with my loving and willing helpers, my joys have tripled as a new generation of gardeners learn to love gardening as much as I do! 

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