Simple Seasons Second Edition Update

Today, I would like to give everyone an update on our Simple Seasons Homeschool Companion units. This past fall we began updating the units to clean up some typos (okay, lots of typos), replace out of print books, create craft supply lists, and make them available in nicely printed or tablet friendly formats.

We love how the Harvest Time Second Edition turned out and have been slowly working on the other units. In case you missed it, the Winter Wonderland Second Edition was recently completed and is now available through MagCloud as well. These new editions can be purchased two ways, in a bound printed format or a tablet friendly, downloadable format. The original editions, that we have had on our site for years, are still available online for free as is. We hope to have Spring Bs Second Edition available in a few weeks. Spring Bs is undergoing the biggest changes of any of the units, so you will be seeing several new projects for the Spring Bs unit on the blog, over the next several weeks. And by popular request, we are already working on getting the...Read more

Bean Mosaic Project

This morning I am sharing one of the projects from our Spring Bs Homeschool Companion unit, Bean Mosaic Artwork.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for an update on the new Simple Seasons Second Edition Homeschool Companion guides.

WARNING: It has been brought to our attention that uncooked red kidney beans are toxic. As few as 4 or 5 injested beans can cause food poisoning. You can read more about it here. . Mixed beans have been used with young children for years, but now that we know that they can cause problems, we wish to bring it to your attention. If using beans with young children be sure to monitor them closely. Also, we recommend that you remove the red kidney beans from your mix, just to be safe. 


  • Variety of colorful dried beans (you can buy a mixed bag of beans at the grocery store)
  • Craft glue
  • Heavy card stock or watercolor paper


Fill a bowl with a variety of colorful dried beans.

Lay out a large sheet of heavy weight paper.

You can complete this project in several different ways.

Option One, which works...Read more

Drawing Lesson 4 :: The Cube

We are continuing our weekly drawing class. We are using Mark Kistler's book, You Can Draw in 30 Days. Instead of completing the book in 30 days, we plan to take 30 weeks, doing a new lesson each week and then spending time during the week practicing what we have learned. Although I am teaching the class, I am also student and learning every bit as much as the wee ones. Michelle has a degree in fine arts and she adds tons of helpful hints. It is a very exciting time for us all. If you would like to join us, simply pick up the book You Can Draw in 30 Days, and start at Drawing Lesson 1 :: The Sphere, and follow along at your own pace. Each Lesson will be linked to the first Lesson, the previous lesson and the next lesson. Happy Drawing! 

Lesson 1 :: The Sphere

Lesson 3 :: Advanced-Level Spheres

Lesson 5 :: Coming soon.

Last week in Lesson 3 :: W...Read more

10 Awesome Flower Pots to Make

diy flower pots


HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Come on, jump up, and start running around yelling "It's Spring, It's Spring, It's Spring." Extra points if you wave your hands over your head while doing it! Seriously... on the count of three EVERY one get up and start running around. And don't worry, I'll wait for you. Okay, ready? One, two, three...


Felt good, didn't it? Feel free to break into a spontaneous dance any time you feel like it today. If someone looks at you strange and asks you what you're doing, just say, "Kimara gave me permission to act like an 8 year old today. It's Spring!"

Okay, now that I got that out of my system... at least for now... on to the business at hand ;)

Long before I began painting, my garden was my palette where I mixed colors and unleashed my artistic self through the selection and placement of my plants. My gardens were my place of solace... my sanctuary... a slice of heaven on earth. Every year at this time...Read more

Coffee Filter Butterflies

One of the projects in our Spring Bs homeschool unit is to make colorful coffee filter butterflies. Whether you are following are unit or not, your young crafters will enjoy playing with colors while dying the coffee filter butterfly wings. You can make just a couple of coffee filter butterflies to use as magnets, or make a whole bunch to use in a mobile or window display.


  • White basket style coffee filters
  • Food coloring in dropper bottles
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Colorful clothes pins. You can buy colorful ones or paint your own before starting this project.
  • Baking tray or dish larger than your coffee filter
  • White paper towel
  • Optional: Magnets to fit on the back of the clothes pin
  • Optional: Craft glue


Start by adding a drop of water to the bottom of your tray. 

Smooth out your coffee filter over the water on the tray. Add a bit more water if needed. You want your filter to be wet through but you don't want water pooling on the tray.

Choose two primary colors of food coloring. If you...Read more

Leprechaun Shenanigans

Photos from Wee Folk Art

Several years ago I did a series of stories and crafts concerning the leprechauns' visit to The Thicket... the place our local gnomes call home. I often get emails about this, especially at this time of year, and thought it would be a bit of a hoot to gather the stories together in one place. So, if you are like me, and enjoy a bit of storytelling and a bit of mischief, grab your favorite libation or a cuppa something warm and have yourself a wee St. Paddy's Day read! Make sure to follow the links to read all about The Leprechaun's Shenanigans in The Thicket!

And, if you have a favorite story or tale to tell about leprechaun mischief occurring in your neck of the woods, please share in the comments. We'd love to hear your stories, too!



You might be more familiar with the appearance of city leprechauns that tend to don top hats or bowlers, but their country cousins prefer wide brimmed gnomish...Read more




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