Gingerbread Stocking Coloring Page

Here is the first coloring page based on our December Applique Blocks. It is our Gingerbread Stocking. Not only is it a fun coloring page for even your youngest artists, I'm thinking it could even be enlarge to twice its size and be used as wonderful Christmas throw pillow. Our appliques are always just a starting point!

Here is the Gingerbread Stocking Applique Block this coloring page was based on. 

You can find the Gingerbread Stocking Coloring Page HERE.

You can find the Gingerbread Stocking Applique Block HERE.

You can find the December Applique Blocks HERE.

You can find a collection of WEE FOLK ART'S Coloring Pages HERE.

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Needle Felted Wool Acorn Ornaments :: Fun, Fall Table Decoration

We are happily gearing up for the holiday season around here, and yes, we do know that Thanksgiving is this month's highlight. I have several friends and family members who like to point out this fact daily and bemoan that the stores shift into Santa's workshop with the Halloween candy still on sale. But we will be sharing Christmas crafts this month because as all crafters know, you have to start your Christmas crafting long before December if you want to get it all done.

As for Thanksgiving, I host Thanksgiving every year. It is my holiday to prep, plan, and decorate. Often I pull out my Christmas decorations a week or so before Thanksgiving so that my house is festive for Thanksgiving. I do understand that it is probably too early to set up my Christmas tree before Thanksgiving but it is what I have. I've often thought about making/buying more specifically Thanksgiving-ish decor but I have to say, I'm just not a fan. Turkeys just don't do it for me and I find it some what bizarre to highlight the main...Read more

Oak Meadow Give-Away :: $100 Gift Card

Comments are now closed and a winner has been choosen. Congratulations Reverie! You have three days to contact me to claim your prize.

I love the beauty of Oak Meadow's curriculum- lots of nature, storytelling, and crafts, which is so refreshing in contrast to the worksheet-and-throw-away-crafts approach I see a lot of in homeschool curricula. I love the idea of main lesson books, and creating meaningful projects that last. I feel that OM honors the child's time and efforts.

I'd use the gift towards completing my daughter's K curriculum for next fall.

Thank you for the chance to win! :)

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Gingerbread Stocking Applique Block

Although this is part of our December Applique Blocks, it can be used any time you need a whimsical stocking and you can make it with or without the "cookie". It was made to fit a 6" x 6" block but it can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. This could easily be turned into an ornament or felt cookies for a wee one's pretend kitchen.

The December Applique Blocks can be found HERE.

The Pattern for the Gingerbread Stocking Applique Block can be found HERE

The tutorial on How to Enlarge and Reduce Patterns can be found HERE.

The tutorial on How to Cut Out Felt can be found HERE.

The Stitching Glossary can be found ...Read more

December Applique Blocks

Over the years Michelle and I have done many projects that actually haven't wound up on Wee Folk Art. Usually, we just get too busy to worry about our cameras or sometimes we've had other plans for our projects, and we haven't included them on the blog. One of these projects is a collection of appliques for each month. We have now decided to share them on Wee Folk Art and eventually put them all together as a collection. Last month we share our October Applique Blocks. We decided to skip our November Blocks and go straight to our December Applique Blocks. It gets so hectic around the holidays we thought it might be useful to get these blocks up now if you wanted to use them for any December projects. 

Our December Applique Blocks are a collection of gingerbread cookies that look good enough to eat! Besides using them as actual appliques, we thought they would make beautiful Christmas ornaments or could be turned into felt cookies for a wee one's play kitchen.

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Abandoning Projects

There was a time when I held the belief, "If you start a book, you finish a book". I'm sure this came from 18 years of schooling when teachers and professors picked books for me to read, and, if I wanted to do well in school, I had to read the selections even if I thought the books were rubbish. This was closely followed by years of belonging to book clubs where I read the books other people suggested. You would hear comments like, "I know it's long and tedious, but the end will make you glad you read it." So, not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings, I diligently read through books even if I thought they were rubbish.

Eventually, my philosophy on reading changed. Two major notions brought about this change. First, life is short. Second, there are more wonderful books out there than I could make my way through in 10 lifetimes! Conclusion... I now only read books that I enjoy cover to cover. Does that mean I think every book I read is fantastic? Of course not. There are books I read that I wouldn't recommend to my friends, others that are certainly...Read more