Gnome Cradle and Carving Tools

For the past week, we've been sharing tutorials for making our Forest Gnome family. You can find the tutorials for them HERE and HERE.

To finish off this project, today I am sharing a tutorial on how the make the rustic Gnome Cradle. First, let me start by saying, I AM NO MASTER CARVER!  This is about the simplest wood carving around, but, it lends itself well to the forest gnomes!

Before we get started, let's talk a little about equipment. I am not to trusted with sharp pointy things. One birthday Michelle bought me needle felting supplies and Tim bought me carving tools. For the next few weeks I was covered in band-aids. The next year, Tim bought me marvelous Kevlar Gloves that are cut resistant, and I get far fewer ouchies when I'm carving. So highly recommend these!

When I started this project, I couldn't find my favorite carving knife. I use an Old Timer 4 blade Knife all the time. Growing up, my dad used an Old Timer...Read more

Forest Gnome Baby

Is there anything more precious than a new born baby? I think not! And, have you ever wondered where baby gnomes come from? Well, here's your chance to find out.

When Pixie and Fairy saw the new Forest Gnome Family, the first thing they both said was, "Where's the baby?"

Of course we needed a baby! Originally, I planned to make it exactly like the other Forest Gnomes, only smaller, but, as I started to put one together, I thought it would look ever so much cuter if it was wearing a tiny sleeper, all snug and cozy. Actually, I made a "whimsy" of Forest Gnome Babies.

...Read more

Wool Roving Forest Gnomes

The other day I was doing a workshop on making our Flower Fairies. While talking to one of the women, I mentioned that I was going to draw up a pattern for the very simple Wool Roving Forest Gnomes. She said, "You mean these?" And, she proceed to fold a piece of paper in half, and after a few snips with the scissors, opened the paper, and there was a pattern for these gnomes. "Wow", I said marveling at her speed. "I think you must have made a few of these!" Her eyes twinkled and she said, "You have no idea. I can make these in my sleep. You may need to clean up the edges a bit, and after you make the first one, draw a circle for the base, but this should get you going."

I wanted to credit her for the pattern, but she told me it was an old, traditional pattern, and belonged to the world. That may be the case, but thank you anyway, Vicky :)

So, I did "clean it up" a bit, and created a base. I then played with it to create 3...Read more

Did You Know?

Yesterday I was having lunch with a friend. We were talking about Wee Folk Art... where it's going and how we've grown. I was commenting on our latest site design.

Her: Oh, I know. It's so pretty.

Me: I agree it's pretty. Michelle did a beautiful job, but what I love most is the organization. I love how much easier it is the navigate the site.

Her: What do you mean?

Me: Well, for starters, I love the gallery buttons.

Her: What buttons?

Me: All those icons across the top of the page. You know, it's a row of flowers. If you click on them they will take you to specific galleries. We have photos of all the projects and links to the tutorials.

I then pulled up Wee Folk Art on my laptop and showed her.

Her: Hmmm. I never used them. I just thought they were part of the whole "look".

After playing around a bit, she looked up.

Her: Wow, these are great!

Thus, the reason for today's unplanned post. If you've been visiting Wee Folk Art and not using our Gallery Buttons, you've been missing out! After 6...Read more

Copper Relief Artwork

I remember doing copper relief pieces when I was in elementary school. Even then, I remember how thrilled I was to be working with "authentic" materials. When I was finished, I felt like I created something special. I was delighted that the kids shared my enthusiasm. We did this project as part of of US States Study. Many of our Western State states mine copper, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to share this technique. Although the girls really enjoyed working with the copper, Bug was especially enthralled. He loves Ancient History, and sunburst he created has an Ancient Aztec feel to it. We will certainly be doing more of these! 


  • Sheet of copper (4-6 inch square)
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Blunt edges utensils (popsicle stick, pencil with no eraser, etc)
  • Magazine or newspaper
  • Craft Paint
  • Craft Glue
  • 8in square piece of cardboard or wood for mounting
  • Optional Aging Materials: Nail Polish Remover, Glass Cleaner, Vinegar, Ammonia, Salt, Plastic Bag, Gloves, Steel Wool, Cotton Balls


Start by folding a sheet of paper around your sheet of copper. This will create an...Read more

Watermelon Flower Coloring

In a rather Willy Wonka-ish manner, I turned the basic pattern of our Watermelon Applique Block into a fantasy Watermelon Flower! Here is our newest coloring page. After I watercolored the page, I went back and added some detail... just 'cuz.  

Pattern for Watermelon Flower Coloring Page can be found HERE.

Watermelon Applique Block can be found HERE.

A VERY basic watercoloring for your Coloring Pages tutorial can be found HERE.

Today, I had company as I quickly painted my Watermelon Flower. A little too quickly, I'm afraid. Being distracted by the wee ones, my seeds ran and it was quite messy, but it is just a coloring page and we...Read more