Vintage Cherry Half Apron

Back when I was a child, the half apron was all the rage. Although not as efficient as a full cobbler style apron, it did offer some protection, and the women made lovely aprons to wear while entertaining. These were also useful while cleaning, because they had extra pockets for storing wayward items! I made this apron for Pixie's birthday. Since her birthday isn't for another month, the tree modeled for me! (BTW I was having major setting problems with my camera. I think it's all been fixed so asap I'll get a second apron made with better pics!)



To get more information and photos of this project, click HERE and HERE .

The pattern comes in two sizes; toddlers, which fits most children 2T - 4T and children, which fits most children 5 - 10.

Main fabric: 3/4 yard
Contrasting fabric: 3/8 yard
Wide Rick Rack: 36"

Main fabric: 7/8 yard
Contrasting fabric: 1/2 yard
Wide Rick Rack: 40"

You will be cutting...Read more

Vintage Apron Pattern


Finally had a chance to finish the vintage apron tutorial. Had a wee bit of trouble with my camera and the quality of the pictures leaves a little to be desired. I assumed my camera was broken. Tim assumed I hadn't read the manual. He was right! It's amazing the things you can learn in manuals! As it is, the pics are adequate, but the next time I make this apron, which will be for Fairy's birthday next month, I'll retake pictures. The apron can be whipped up in one child free afternoon!  Read more

Little Treasures

Just a little sunny shot of Fairy enjoying her Treasure Pouch. She used it today on our Annual Family Girl Trip. She got to tuck some wonderful treasures in it including a jar full of purple shoe shaped beads (not sure why she filled a whole jar with shoe shaped beads when there were hundreds to choose from but obviously she liked them).

BTW, her shirt is made from the Simplicity Pattern 9786 (not sure if it is current - I didn't see it on their site but it did look like it was floating around eBay).Read more

Waiting for Inspiration

We went to visit my mom and dad yesterday. (Hereafter known as Nana and Papa.) My mom brought out two jumpers she bought for Pixie and Fairy. She got them at the senior center where she plays bridge. Seems the senior women’s club was running a fund raiser, and she scored these simple jumpers for $2.00 a piece! What a deal! Anyway, Michelle handed them off to me with a request to “cuten” them up. I’ll have to leave them lounging about for a bit to become inspired. The green and brown one screams nature and trees, while the light blue one seems to suggest romance and fancy. Hmmm…. Read more

Puppy in Progress

Knit Puppy Toy

I had been eyeing the book "Knitted Toys" by Zoe Mellor for some time. When the latest KnitPicks catalog came out they featured several toys made up from the book including the Floppy Dog done up in blue. It made me think of Blue's Clues and my 23mo old loves her Pickaboo Blue Book. So I finally got the book and the recommended yarn which is sooo soft. I have been knitting away while watching the Olympics the last few evenings. I'm almost done now with just the ears and tail to attach and the face to complete. The hardest part will be putting it away until Christmas. I'm letting Bug and Fairy each pick out one toy for Christmas too. It looks like I will be making a Robot and a Pink Snake as well....Read more

Vintage Apron

Pixie has her second birthday coming up in September. She loves domestic play. Dolls are her life! She also loves tea parties, her kitchen set, playing in her doll house and Gammy’s gnome house. For her birthday, Tim and I bought her The Child’s Cleaning Set from Magic Cabin. So, naturally, I figured she needed an apron to enhance play. From my stash I pulled out some vintage fabric I’ve been waiting to use, and made her an apron any homemaker would be proud to wear! (BTW Fairy saw the completed apron and requested one for her birthday in October. Shocker!) Since I can’t have Pixie model the apron for me until her birthday, I found a tree that was willing to help me out! I believe the tree to be a little wider around the middle than Pixie, but you get the idea. Next up, a matching bandana! Hopefully, this evening, or certainly by Monday, I’ll include a free pattern. If you whip one up, be sure to share your finished product with us! 


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