Sneak Peak

Just wanted to share an outfit I just finished for Pixie. I used some of the Project Runway fabric I got last week and made a basic, elastic gathered waist skirt. I'll have the pattern written up in the next couple of days. I used something called a "Flat Fell Seam" which is a fun and oh so lovely way of finishing a seam. I'll have a how-to on that, too. Also, since the fab was so much fun... totally wild and crazy birds, I wanted to make an applique equally as fun. They say necessity is the mother of invention... well, so are screw ups! My 100 year old Wonder Under wasn't quite so wonderful and wasn't sticking. I intentionally cut it smaller than the applique pieces because I wanted it to have a frayed looked. But when nothing was sticking, I decided to machine applique. Everything went wrong. Pieces shifted, couldn't make turns, it was a mess. I was going to rip it out and start again and then I thought... if it's looking messy... I'll make it look REALLY messy, like I planned it that way! So, I went just as...Read more

Posy Applique Block


Thanks to Christy's suggestion over at Sweet Tidings, I turned my outdoor Wall Flower into a cute Posy Applique Block. I know I'm always saying that "this was designed for a 6" x 6" block but the pattern can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs". This is living proof, that even the smallest design can be scaled up, or visa versa. The Posy on the front of our house is over 6' tall and the same design has been scaled down to a measly 6"! Also, for those of you concerned about your stitching... the blanket stitch and straight stitches on this flower are meant to be irregular... just like a real flower... so throw caution to the wind and enjoy some totally carefree stitching! You can find the pattern here or over in our FREE Applique Patterns. Enjoy!

1] 6 inches
2] 6 feet
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Happy Mother's Day from Our Family to Yours!

Fairy, Michelle, Pixie and Bug

Kimara, Michelle, Fairy and Pixie... the girls!Read more

Patchwork Pots for Mother's Day

Using the same directions as the Patchwork Pot, Bug, Fairy and Pixie were busy making flower pots for their mommy for Mother's Day. They needed assistance putting the trim on, and I did put the 2nd and 3rd coat of Mod Podge on for them, but they picked out the fabrics, painted the rims and glued on their pieces. I think they turned out lovely! Tomorrow we are going to the nursery and buying flowers for the pots. Won't Mommy be surprised Sunday morning?!!

Patchwork Pots

There's this "thing" out there. Before you have a child, you should have a dog for a couple of years. If you can take care of it and manage not to do anything irreversibly stupid, chances are you're ready for a kid. Some logic here, I suppose! Well, I didn't do dogs, I did plants, but same premise... sort of. But when I was in college, my plants were my babies. It started innocently enough. I moved into my first dorm room with a James Taylor album in one hand and a little pilea cadierei, better known as an aluminum plant, in the other. As the year went on, I kept picking up new plants. Back then I could literally spend hours picking out a single plant. God love him for putting up with me, but that's how my boyfriend and I often spent Saturday evenings! And I bought tiny plants, that was all the I could afford. But with excessive care and nurturing, they grew and flourished, and by the time I graduated I had over 40 plants that I schlepped around with me. Kids would be a breeze!

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