Halloween Preparations

The gnome's house is all ready for Halloween. They will be having a great party and the children will trick or treat with their woodland friends.

Over the next few days I will be sharing directions for making the banner, pumpkins, ghosts and our mummy gnome. Stop by often!Read more

Crocheted Bean Bags

I found a little time this weekend to finish up the bean bag project I've been working on. (Also got in some time to muck with the gnome house and came up with totally cute gnome trick or treaters but I'll get to them later in the week!) Anyway, as I mentioned before I am a beginning crocheter. I was messing around with making circles, and decided if I made a couple, then blanket stitched them together, they would make great, although rather flat, bean bags. They turned out cute and the kids love them. They've been flying around all weekend. Thinking about quilting a tic-tac board for them. Later I was thinking if you didn't sew them together they'd make great coasters. Hmmm, that has Christmas gift written all over them! I will spend some time this week writing down the instructions for all you crocheters. Remember, novice crocheter here! If I can make these, anyone can!Read more

Spoooooky Plans

This weekend the gnomes will be busy with their neighbors getting their homes ready for their Halloween celebration. Check back next week to check out some of their favorite decorations!Read more

Fairy's Birthday Crown

My little Fairy Girl is four tomorrow! I just finished putting the finishing touches on her birthday crown so she can wear it as soon as she gets up in the morning. It is mostly pink... just like she wanted. The reverse side matches the dress Gammy is making her. She wore it for a trial run this evening and showed everyone her flower crown when we were out and about... quite the Fairy Princess.

Britta's Diagonal Quilt


Now that summer is gone and autumn has entered the Thicket, evenings can get quite chilly. Gnomes are very resourceful and waste nothing. Scraps of material left over from other projects get squirreled away to make quilts. Although this quilt can be sewn on a sewing machine, I highly suggest that you hand piece the quilt together, just like the gnome females do! What better gift could you give your gnome friends than a snuggly quilt to curl up with on chilly evenings?


4” x 5” small print cotton for backing

4” x 5” piece of flannel for batting
scraps of small print cotton fabric

1" x 24" cotton print for binding

Beige or gray thread for sewing

Sewing needle


  1. Cut out the backing and the batting.

  1. From 4 different fabrics cut out strips of fabric 1 inch wide by approximately 24 inches long. If you’re using scraps you can cut several pieces 1 inch by 8 inches. You will also need one piece

...Read more

Owl Pouch

I just finished up a Treasure Pouch for myself. The kids told me I needed my own so I stopped using theirs. I like to collect acorns too, you know. My mom had made all the kiddos their pouches so this was my first completed pouch.

I used a pair of old jeans for the cotton side and designed a felt owl for the flap. Once it was done, Bug spent some time looking at it and then said "maybe it's a penguin mom." Hmm... so maybe I missed the mark a bit on the owl but either way we all decided it was pretty cute and now I have my own pouch.

I am looking forward to seeing how everyone else's pouches turn out.

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