Prairie Point Junction Coupon

As promised, we are able to offer our readers a 20% coupon from Prairie Point Junction. (Use the button at the top of our right column to receive the coupon.) This is where Michelle and I get all our wool felt from. This is not 100% wool felt, but rather a blend. You can use it as is or "felt it" at home for additional softness and thickness. Their site gives you tips on how to do this. For the most part, we use the felt as is. If you are making something that will experience a lot of wear and tear, you may wish to "felt" the felt.

 We would like to extend a heart felt thank you to the ladies at Prairie Point Junction. They are requesting that this is a "one time" coupon for Wee Folk Art readers. I plan to restock my felt stash! FYI...tomorrow I will be posting directions for our Kitty Cat Doorstop and next week I'll have the Puppy Dog Doorstop directions posted. We will leave the coupon up so in the future all new members can utlize the coupon. So, if you're interested on working on your felt stash, this is a great opportunity. Have fun shopping!

Knit Basket Weave Dishcloth

In another couple of weeks Michelle and I are starting a knitting group. To begin with, we'll be meeting once a month for a little knitting, a little chatting and a little wine. What could be lovelier, right? Most of the women are new to knitting. A couple know the basics but have never completed the first ubiquitous scarf that all first time knitters think they should make. First off, a scarf? Really! Unless it is one of the one skein wonders, it can take a new knitter the better part of a year to complete an arduous scarf. Definitely NOT what a first time knitter needs to tackle! And second, there is a great deal of repetition and little skill development. So, we've come up with a couple quick projects to help teach the basics and give some needed quick gratification!

We are introducing the beginners to a one skein cotton dishcloth. We will have the absolute novices do a garter stitch square, but for those that have a basic knowledge, we'll have them start on this simple basket weave design. We are also thinking of headbands and coffee cup cozies. If anyone out there has a fabulous beginner project, do share! I'm including the pattern for the Knit Basket Weave Dishcloth in our FREE patterns. I love using cotton dishcloths, and believe you can never have enough! This is also one of those great projects that you can take anywhere. Besides, it wouldn't hurt to knit a few and put them away for impromptu gifts. Enjoy! 

Kitty Cat Doorstop


EDIT: Pattern for the Doorstop Cat can be found HERE.

Well...over break I was able to design the pattern for the cat doorstop, and finished him this morning. He's purrfect! He weighs in around a pound, which wouldn't be enough to hold open a door in a torrential wind, but he'll do just fine for your average, garden variety, wafting breeze! His base is filled with navy beans, but you could substitute sand or gravel if you need him to be heavier. Also, he is 4" x 9 1/2", but if you'd like him to be large enough to hold open the castle door, just enlarge the pattern.

I am now working on writing up the pattern to be added to our Crafting Club. I'll then turn my attention to the Puppy Dog Doorstop. I will be using these 2 pals to share several different embroidery stitches, which will be added to our glossary. When we post the pattern, we will also post a link for a discount coupon to Prairie Point Junction. As I mentioned before the holidays, they have graciously offered a one-time discount for Wee Folk Art readers. I plan to restock my felt cupboard! We should have the pattern and coupon posted before Monday.

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. January is always exciting to me. As snow and frigid weather loom outside, this is a wonderful time of year to stay warm inside and get tons of crafting done. If only I could be disciplined enough NOW to start on Christmas gifts for next year! Hmmm ... perhaps we should start a Christmas Corner. I'll have to talk to Michelle about that! 


Not Really Here...

Technically, I'm not here...we're still on holiday. I told myself I wasn't going to blog for 2 weeks, so I'm not calling this a blog...let's just say I'm answering a friend's questions. She asked, "Where do you come up with your ideas and how in the world do you go about turning them into patterns?" My profound answer, "I don't know." Truth is, sometimes I'm inspired by a pic, sometimes in response to a need, and sometimes, I have a thought ping ponging around in my brain for a long time before I decide what to do with it. Case in point...doorstops. For some time I've known I wanted to make doorstops that are both functional and appealing to children but nothing was jumping out at me.

Tonight, Michelle and I managed to steal away for coffee...alone...which is unusual...and managed to have 2 1/2 glorious hours to ourselves whilst we discussed an up and coming project. When I got home, I began to doodle...always my first step in any project. Well, instead of staying on task, I started messing around with the doorstops, and before I knew it, I had the rough draft of them! There's still a lot of decisions to be made. They will have to be drawn to scale, and I'll have to decide how I want to go about making them three dimensional. I want to make them in felt and in prints, so I'll need different materials and directions for each. I'll also have to decide how to make them weighty enough to be functional. Anyway, in answer to my friend's starts with an idea, it becomes a doodle, and eventually turns into a bona fide pattern! So be on the lookout for our folk art cat and dog doorstops! Now, back to vacationing! 

Holiday Break


Like most of you, the next couple of weeks are going to be very busy! Starting, gulp, day after tomorrow, our home will be swarming with out-of-town guests, and the celebrating will begin. Although I couldn't be happier, I do feel like a deer in headlights. Rather stunned. Where did all the time go? I had months to finish every thing, now I'm down to days. Fortunately, I have all my projects done except the afghan for my son and daughter-in-law, but I'm not throwing in the towel yet!

In order to really enjoy the holidays, Michelle and I are taking the next 2 weeks off. We will check comments and emails so we can answer questions, but we will not have any new blog entries. While we are off, we hope you still make use of our site, if time permits! 

What do we have planned for the New Year? Plenty! To begin with, I've promised the pattern and directions for the Hobby Horses...that will be one of my first projects. I have been hankering to make some door stops. There are ideas for a few different kind playing gentle on my mind. You can expect to see them surfacing in January. Also, we have this lovely little button in the right column that says Crafting Glossary. Click on it and...NOTHING happens! High on my list of to-dos is to get a helpful glossary going. Because I want to work on the glossary, I decided to create some type of Glossary Project that will display all the stitches I wish to add. I haven't totally decided on the "how" or "what" yet, but it will be a great way to expand your embroidery skills.

Because many of our projects are done with felt, as will the Glossary Project, we've contacted the very sweet ladies at Prairie Point Junction. This is the shop Michelle and I use for all of our felt. They have generously agreed to offer a special discount for our Crafting Club Members. When we return in January, we will post their coupon, and give you a material list for several of our up and coming projects. This is not a money making event for Michelle and I, just an opportunity to get a discount on the materials we buy anyway! So, if you get a chance, go check out Prairie Point Junction. And, if you're like me, you'll put together a wish list!

Michelle and I want to wish everyone a happy, safe and blessed Holiday. As we are sitting around Michelle's roaring fire (pictured above) sipping our Holiday wassail, we will lift our glasses in a toast to you and offer up a prayer for you and yours!


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