Ideas A Plenty

I was born a crafter. Some of my earliest memories involve yarns and fabrics. I started collecting ideas out of books and magazines when I was around 10. Whenever I go somewhere, I'm making mental notes of designs or arrangements I find enthralling. Thank goodness for the camera on my cell phone. I'm always snapping this or that. (Probably the most questionable photo I ever shot  was in my coffee shop's bathroom. But honestly, they have the most remarkable stencils on their walls!) Anyway, what this amounts to is I have over 40 years of crafting ideas meandering through my mind! Small wonder I often feel overwhelmed when trying decide on what to do next! I've also found my tastes run in cycles. When I was in my early twenties, I was very attracked to heirloom felted projects. I have a ton of things I wanted to make then, and just didn't have time to. Now, I find that I can go back and look at the books and magazines and feel reinspired.

Long on my list of things to make is you wool rug shown above. I know I'm not ready right now to invest the time to make something as large as a rug, but...Read more

Sneak Peak at December's Pattern of the Month

I am making hobby horses for the grandbabies for Christmas. I'm trying very hard to make most of my gifts this year, and if I do buy, to buy American made...but this is more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule. I add a new character to each of their Nativities each year, and those are Fontaninis from Tuscany!

So here is a collection of photos from hobby horse number one. It appears to take several evenings to complete one, but the pattern will be available the first of December, so if anyone is interested in making one themselves, there should be plenty of time to get it done before Christmas. In the mean time, here's a few snippets!Read more

Trailing Vine Star Ornament

Gammy's Version
Gammy's (Kimara) Ornament

I know it is a little early for Christmas ornaments... but I was inspired to make these based on a blog challenge I participate in with Nature's Way Learning. My mom thought it sounded like fun and of course went above and beyond on her design (which you can download here). I thought it would be fun to show 3 generations interpretations on that same theme... and it is not too early to get started on those holiday projects.

Kids' Version  Mom's Version

 Kids' Ornaments / Mom's OrnamentRead more

October's Winner Is...

Congratulations to Penwith who won October's WFA Crafting Club Contest. Winners are pulled at random and receive a kit that contains materials to make next month's project. Penwith will be able to choose between a wizard or queen spoon doll kit. 

Thanks to everyone who participated. (Check out the flickr WFA Craft Club pool to see other participants.) If you didn't get a chance to make a Treasure Pouch in time for the drawing, but still make one, please share it. We are always delighted to see other people's crafty adventures. As a matter of fact, if you make anything featured on this site, feel free to include it in our flickr WFA Crafting Pool.

We hope many of you will participate in this month's contest. The winner will receive an especially lovely craft kit...a felt hobby horse! I'll be including little snippets about it over the next couple of weeks but I must admit I totally love this design! 

Once again, congrats, Penwith. Please email us at with your address asap and let us know which kit you'd like. We will get it off to you within 2 days of receiving your email....Read more

Is That Strange?

Rainbow stack of wool felt for crafting.
Everyone has a secret wish list. You know, the things that you can't justifying splurging on when there are groceries to be bought and electric bills to be paid, but they still tug gently on your heart. Personally, I don't yearn for designer shoes or jewelry, splashy cars or fashionable evenings out. It might sound weird, but I lust for wool felt!

Is that strange? Maybe, but today I received my Wool Felt Swatch Pack from Prairie Point Junction. 78 beautiful, rich colors, calling to me! 78 6" x 6" samples to combine, stack, and figuratively, roll in! On the surface it might seem like a rather innocent infatuation, but I want to buy a piece of every color I pick up, but at $9.00 a yard, it would cost $351.00 to buy 1/2 yard of each. (Of course I did the math!) 

I can't justify that no matter how I try. So I got serious, and started pulling out the colors I thought I could live without. When I was done, the "don't need" pile consisted of shamrock, Hallow's Eve, and chartreuse. Okay, down to $337.50. Hmmm, make that $342.00...I added chartreuse back...Read more

A Little Incentive

Over the past week we've gotten many new members at Wee Folk Art. First off, welcome! We hope everyone feels at home, finds something of interest and comes back often. We also hope you feel comfortable commenting and participating. For all you new folks, and for our "old timers"...okay, this is JUST our 2nd Crafting Club (Pattern of the Month) Contest...we wanted to remind everyone that if you make this month's craft, and post a picture of the completed project on our Wee Folk Art Crafting pool, you will be eligible for a drawing to receive a kit for next month's craft of the month. (INPORTANT NOTE: Your flickr username may be different than your Wee Folk Art (WFA) username. When leaving a comment on flickr make sure to include your WFA username so we know who you are!!!) Next month we will be sharing our rendition of the old spoon dolls. We are very excited about them for a couple of reasons. First, they can be used as a doll or as wonderful puppets. And, it is a project you can get your children involved with. As a matter of fact, children over 8 should be able to make these...Read more