Dragon Scarf

Look at what I'm working on for my nephews for Christmas. Aren't they cute? These are actually the ones my mom made last year for my kiddos. She got the original kit from Morehouse Farm and we have made several since. I don't have a photo of mine atm (it isn't far enough along to be recognizable) but I will soon.

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Welcome to the Thicket!


On the edge of our yard, where the lawn meets the woods, lies The Thicket. The Thicket is filled with pines and witch hazel, raspberries and forsythias, lindens and maples, and makes a delightful home for countless woodland creatures. In The Thicket, many Wee Folk, including fairies and gnomes, pixies and the occasional troll, live with an assortment of furry friends including deer and rabbits, raccoons and hedgehogs, mice and chipmunks, squirrels, and yes, even skunks! Birds of all types inhabit the trees and bushes, and toads and turtles find solace in the underbrush. 

Another creature can often be found in this magical world. Although they do not dwell there, they are frequent visitors and are well loved by the woodland creatures. They are children. 

Join the Wee Folk in The Thicket. All they ask is that you tread carefully, talk quietly, respect their privacy and listen to their tales.

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Autumn Homecoming


While the gnomes were off on their long awaited visit to their city cousins, the small woodland animals and the Autumn Fairies were hard at work, decking out the gnomes’ house for the Harvest Festival. You can imagine the gnome’s surprise and delight when they returned, weary from the long trip, to find their home overflowing with the bounty of the forest! Axel and Britta tucked their babies, Frodi and Gerda, safely in bed, then joined their friends by the fire for a pint of cider and to share their traveling adventures. Nothing pleases a gnome quite as much as an attentive audience. It was good to be home.



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Humbling Experience!

I generally see myself as a rather accomplished crafter. I pick up things quickly, and before you know it, I'm dinking around with patterns and projects, making them my own. So you can imagine my surprise...nah, my disbelief, when I picked up a BEGINNER'S GUIDE to thread crocheting and found not only didn't I grasp the craft immediately, I literally have yet to produce anything that even closely resembles what I set out to make! I thought I'd make a bit of lace to adorn something. How cool would it be to say, Yes, I made it...even the lace!? But, alas, instead of producing a light and airy work of art, I keep turning out objects that look more like tangled kite string! Well, I am stubborn, and I'm not ready to cry uncle yet, but this experience has certainly been humbling! If I ever manage to turn out something that resembles lace, I'll let you know. In the mean time, if anyone knows of a great book or website that does a good job of talking you through the process, please share!...Read more

Pixie's Birthday Crown

Today we celebrated Pixie's birthday. (I'm sure Michelle will include pics tomorrow.) I got a call yesterday from Michelle asking me if I made Pixie a crown. Seems we had our wires crossed, because I hadn't. I got right on it. I was going to make a felt on as featured in Amanda Soule's The Creative Family, but wound up throwing my own pattern together.  Anyway, I made Pixie's crown reversible, and she loved it! (Excuse the mess on the desk! This was meant for a quick peek for Mich last night, and not for the blog.) Also, I did applique the number 2 on the stripe side, which can be changed every year.

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Pixie's Party Dress

Next week is Pixie's birthday, but we are having a family celebration on Sunday. Her birthday theme is "apples" so it only seemed right that she should be decked out in an apple print. We found some fun fabric at the local craft shop, and I just finished it...way ahead of schedule, I might add! I'm sure Michelle will post a pic of Pixie in the dress at her party, but I adore the dress and couldn't wait to share it!

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