Potato Print Gift Wrap

To finish off our State Studies we completed our last project, Potato Prints. This one, even the boy wanted to join in. I took the project one step further and used my potato to create recycled, home-made wrapping paper.


  • Potato
  • Butter Knife or carving tools
  • Cutting Board
  • Marker
  • Paint or Ink (we used our soy paint)
  • Paper (Paper Bag if you want to make eco-friendly wrapping paper)


Cut a potato in half. You might want to use a sharp knife for this part to get a nice clean cut but a butter knife will work if your kids are doing this project on their own.

Use a marker to draw on a stamp design. My son's designed were more detailed and still worked fairly well.

Use a butter knife to carve the potato. You can use other tools to add more detail if you wish.

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Flamingo Applique Block

I love serendipitous occurrences. Case in point... Monday night I got an email from one of our readers. It said:

"I've been a fan for sometime. Thank you for the beautiful work. I get so much inspiration from your site. I'd love to see a Flamingo Applique. Any chance???


Sitting next to my keyboard was an applique block I had just finished and planned to share today. Of all things, it was a flamingo. What are the chances? I guess better than an infinite amount of monkeys with an infinite amount of...Read more

Forum Announcement


We are excited to announce that after years of wishing for a space in which our reader's could more easily share projects, photos, and advice... not to mention being able to ask questions... we have finally opened our forums! We are calling our forums the Wee Folk Art Community Center and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you all in.

We have spent many hours creating boards that we believe serve the needs of our Wee Folk Art Community. We have spaces for discussions about all kinds of crafting, homeschooling, home life, parenting, books, and small business concerns. We have a space to share local events, shop news, and even a SWAP board. We are especially excited about our user generated Photo Gallery in which we hope to see lots of your completed Wee Folk Art projects, plus any other crafty, artsy, or educational projects you would like to share with us. We also feel that this is a great way for us to Support Handmade.

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Waldorf on Etsy Give-Away :: 2 Gift Boxes

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Gift Box One

I love both using and creating handmade items.  There is such a sense of accomplishment to create something beautiful for your home and the joy of seeing it frequently.  I also like to purchase handmade items because I know that they are created with so much love.  It just makes one happy to have and use items created in such a manner.


Gift Box Two

There is something magical about the handmade item. Perhaps there is a little bit of the soul of the maker in each item. Very generous giveaway

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Art of Felting Give-Away :: Needle Felted Dolls


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EVERYONE REMEMBER: Use the code WEEFOLKART15 to receive 15% off orders over $50.


Plum Maiden

I love the owl and the fairies and the Easter eggs...really, they're all beautiful!

Autumn Fairy

Liked the FaceBook page as well! 

These really are just breathtaking! 


Sponsor: Art of Felting  Needle Felted Wool by Daria Lvovsky

Give-Away Date: Saturday, August 9, 8am EST – Sunday, August 10, 8am EST (This Give-Away is 1 day only!)

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Make Your Own Modeling Beeswax

I like to make natural crafting materials for the wee ones. I've made paints and crayons, play dough and paste. I like the cost savings, and I especially like being in control of the ingredients, BUT I've learned something over the years... If the process is too messy, no matter how much I like the outcome, I won't do it again. I think we've all had those undertakings that seemed like a good idea, but then it took hours to restore order to the kitchen! If I can't pull it off in a semi-reasonable manner, I'll go ahead and buy.

So, I've learned, when I go about making something, I try to find the easiest... fastest... cleanest... way to do it. Yesterday, after I made a batch of Modeling Beeswax... similar to Stockmar Modeling Beeswax... the picture above is what my kitchen looked like when I was done. I kid you not, no mess to clean up. Basically, when I was done making the Modeling Beeswax, everything looked like I had just started. Here's what I did.

WARNING: I DO NOT consider this to be a craft to do with young children. Burns from...Read more