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I know I should be packing up all the Christmas stuff and knitting more practical things right now (the kids could all use more mittens) but I wanted to make something new for my sweet, little yarn tree this year and didn’t get a chance to during the holiday season. Actually, I didn't MAKE anything this holiday season. No gifts, no ornaments, no winter woolies. I think I was a little overwhelmed with the shortened season (there weren't enough weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year) and we had family staying with us for an extended vacation at Thanksgiving. That combined with all the kids activities and I found that I just wasn't in a crafty mood. So many evenings I would hit the sofa and couldn't even be tempted by my knitting, let alone anything messier. But now, as some of the dust has settled, and the snow has bound us in the house, I've managed to finish off one of those big knitting projects that had been mocking me for weeks and found myself wanting something much, much smaller on my needles. I'm adoring this project. So fun, so cute, so easily portable in a tiny little basket (the basket alone makes me smile), and they give immediate gratification. No waiting, no stress. This feels just right at the moment. So my little yarn tree is still out and I’m adding these fun stars to it. Next year I may need a bigger yarn tree.

Visit JellyWares to get the Knitted Star tutorial at

Here is a list of links, in case you've missed some of the past projects on my Yarn Tree, that we've completed over the last couple years...
the Yarn Ball Ornaments
the German Paper Stars
the I-cord Rainbow Garland
the Colorful Crocheted Christmas Balls
and the Felt Wool and Ribbon Ornaments.

Enjoy a little, quiet post-season crafting... or start your list for next year. There's only 346 days until next Christmas. ;)


Postcard :: Icicles


Happy Snowman Applique Block

"In the meadow we can build a snowman". Oh, how I love our "Winter Wonderland"! There can be the slightest sprinkling of snow and  wee ones will be outside, carefully scooping up what precious little snow there is, hoping to build a towering snowman. But, when the weather's right, and the snow blankets the ground, you can be sure neighborhoods will be graced with the visitation of these jolly visitors.

I'm sure you can think of many places that are crying for this joyful snowman! As always, this Happy Snowman Applique Block was made to fit a 6" x 6" block, but you can reduce or enlarge the pattern to meet your own needs. I have a favorite wool coat that is beginning to show its age, but I can't bear to part with it, so... I'm thinking I can "gussie" it up, just for fun. Think it's yearning for a snowman!

The pattern for the Happy Snowman Applique Block can be found HERE.

The tutorial on How to Enlarge and Reduce can be found HERE.

The tutorial on How to Cut Out Felt can be found HERE.

The Stitching Glossary can be found HERE.

tiny black button eyes (3/16")

DIRECTIONS - Refer to pattern and photo for applique placements and cutting instructions.

Make a copy of the pattern.

Using the photo as a guide, cut out felt and transfer any embroidery markings.

Using a blanket stitch on the top and bottom, and a running stitch along the 2 sides, sew hills to block using 3 strands white.

Using a blanket stitch, sew snowman pieces to the block using 3 strands white in the following sequence; bottom, middle, top.

Position scarf ends piece in place. (The scarf neck will cover the top edge of this piece.) Using a small running stitch, sew scarf ends to snowman using 2 strands of floss along stitching line. (The 2 dangling pieces of scarf will not be sewn down, giving a 3-D look to the applique.)

Using the pattern as a guide, clip the 2 bottom edges of the scarf to give a fringed look.

Using a running stitch, sew scarf neck to snowman, covering the upper edge of the scarf ends, using 2 strands of floss.

Using a running stitch, sew hat to snowman using 2 strands of floss.

Using a running stitch, sew hat brim and tassel to snowman using 2 strands of floss.

Using a running stitch, sew carrot nose to snowman using 2 strands of floss.

Using French knots, stitch mouth using 6 strands of floss.

Sew on button eyes using 2 strands of floss. If you prefer you can sew on eyes using a satin stitch or French knots.

Using a stem stitch, add branch arms using 6 strands of floss.
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Merry Christmas


Wishing you and yours a

joyous holiday filled with love

and peace!

Kimara and Michelle

Rebel Baking :: Exploring New Cookie Recipes

In our family we have at least 15 or so traditional family Christmas cookies. We talk about cutting back every year but in order to make sure everyone has their favorites... well we end up making almost all of them every time. This year, amidst the holiday prep, Gammy left us for a bit to go down south and visit my brother and his wife. We made several batches of cookies before she left but I was sorta left with the bulk of the baking. While she was gone, the girls and I set to work, but without my Mother here overseeing things, I veered off course. I didn't just methodically work down the traditional list but tried four brand new recipes this year. I felt like such a rebel. LOL. It was fun to branch out a bit, and trust me, most of the family favorites have been accounted for... but we now have a few new favorites to spice things up.

Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies

My husband has declared the Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies to be a new favorite that need to be added to the "permanent" list. The only change I may try in the future is adding some chocolate chunks to the chocolate layer to balance the peppermint candies.

The Peppermint Pinwheel Recipe can be found the recipe on the Food Network site (

Paradise Macaroons

Next up I played with some macaroon recipes. These Paradise Macaroons are a great addition for my daughter because they do not require any flour. I made a few changes to the recipe by not adding any vegetable shortening to the chocolate, instead I just melted the chocolate in the microwave, and I also substituted chopped almonds in place of the macadamia nuts.

The Paradise Macaroon recipe can be found on the Food Network site (

Gluten-free Lemon Sugar Cookie Drops

Another cookie the girls and I made was altering our Lemon Sugar recipe to be gluten-free. I was not able to roll out this dough (like I normally do) but it did work well as a drop cookie with sugar sprinkles. For those of you following a strict gluten-free diet... double check all your ingredients to make sure they are in fact gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Lemon Sugar Cookie Drops


1 1/2 c sugar
1/2 c butter
1/2 c vegetable shortening
2 eggs
3 c gluten-free all purpose flour (I used the Betty Crocker Rice Flour Blend)
3/4 t Xanthan Gum
1 t baking powder
1 t salt
1 tbs lemon zest (grated lemon peel)
1 t lemon flavoring


Blend butter, shortening and sugar. Add eggs and beat. Combine flour, xanthan gum, baking powder and salt, adding a small amount at a time to the mixture, blending well. Add zest and flavoring. Spoon onto cookie sheet and flatten. You can sprinkle cookies with gluten-free sugar sprinkles before baking or wait and frost cookies after baking. Bake for about 10-12 minutes at 375. Bake until set, but not brown. Dough can be frozen to bake at a later date.

To make these cookies normally replace the gluten-free flour with 2 1/2 cups regular flour and drop the xanthan gum. You can chill dough, roll dough on a floured surface, and cut out shapes.

For some of our traditional cookies try...
Wreath Cookies
Snowballs - I just realized that we have never shared this recipe online... although it is in our Winter Wonderland curriculum I will have to add it to the blog. Snowballs, Wreath Cookies, and Gingerbread are always on our must have list!
Surprise Cookies
Kiss Cookies

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