Evolution of a Blog

We wrote our first post for Wee Folk Art in July 2008. For those of you that have been with us since the beginning, I know there are still many of you around, you've been through many changes with us. Since the beginning, and I say this with a great deal of authority since I have just been through EVERY posting on the sight, WFA has always been a constantly changing and evolving source of creativity and inspiration. I chuckled as I went through all the old posts (well most of them.... I'm still finishing up), retagging them for our NEW and IMPROVED site format. Every couple of months it seems we have posted about how the blog is under going changes in either in focus or design. My mother (Kimara) and I have changed directions many, many times in our Wee Folk Art journey. And now, after many months of skulking about a bit, happily meandering aimlessly, and taking the time to smell the roses, we find ourselves at yet another fork in the road.

Not surprisingly, we have come to the conclusion that what we really love doing is blogging. We love sharing a bit about our daily lives. We love teaching and encouraging others...Read more

Being Given the Boot!

Just popping in to let you know Wee Folk Art will be quiet for the next week, which is more than I can say for my house! As we approach the end of our construction, I am being "booted" out of my office space (Thus the Boot Applique Block :) while they finish up work in my room.

Instead of trying to relocate my computer, I'll be using the next week to maintain sanity!!! And, when we do come back, hopefully we will be ready to unveil our new and improved site! Tim and Michelle have been working very hard, bringing us into the mobile device age! Our blog format will hopefully function better on mobile devices.

So... see everyone back here in a week!

BTW... The pattern and tutorial for the Rain Boot Applique Block can be found HERE.Read more

Postcards :: The Spring Garden


Drew and Meghan's Wisconsin city garden.
Photo's from Meghan


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Unrequited Dreams

We often dream about doing "something", and it can remain a dream if we don't, in fact, actually do the thing we are dreaming about! No brainer, there, right?

But what actually pushes us from "dreaming" to "doing"? Sometimes, the answer is... inexplicable. You just wake up one day, and BOOM, there you are... set about pursuing your dream. Why today? No clue. I suppose it's just "time".

Sometimes you might receive the encouragement you need from a friend or you might see sometime that is the preverbal "final straw"... like a photo in a magazine or a documentary. And, sometimes the yearning just gets too great, and you have to act or burst.

Truly, few things are personally more disheartening than unrequited dreams. Perhaps a rather unlikely sage to quote, but Lucille Ball once said: "I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done."

So, this morning, I'm think about all of us, and our dreams. Naturally, we can't just run off all "willy nilly" following every whim we have, but my hope for each of us this beautiful, sunny day, is that we

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Oil Pastel :: Zentangle Cows

Wisconsin is known for being America's Dairyland and we chose to highlight the cows this week. The kids had fun creating these silly cows and I love how each picture took on its own personality.

Note: Although I am using black marker to draw the cow, I started with a pencil, drawing very lightly. Then, I go back with marker. I am demonstrating with marker because it is easier to see, but begin by drawing with a pencil, then go back and trace with a marker.

Drew a large oval in the middle of your page. It can be slightly higher.

Starting from the oval, draw the head in a bit of a light bulb fashion.

On either side of the head, beginning in the narrow part of the "light bulb", draw arks for the shoulders.

Add the ears.

Now some horns.

Oval eyes with inner circles.

Draw a couple of angled nostrils in the oval.

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A Mouse in the House

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a Mouse House? Believe it or not, I have. Although I'm not particularly partial to sharing my house with mice, I do think they are quite adorable and ponder their little lives.

If I suspect mice have taken up residence in my house, I set live traps and, if caught, I take them out to fields, always making sure to set them free in the same spot, so they can reunite with long lost siblings. In another house, in another lifetime, my house was against a large woods. Every fall, when the winds were laced with the heady scent of autumn, field mice began inspecting local real estate to find the perfect place to winter.

Knowing this, one Fall I had set out a trap, and caught a beautiful brown mouse. I put him in an old aquarium, and reset the trap. Five minutes later, there was another mouse with gray fur. I left the trap out the rest of the day. I figured I'd catch a few more and release them together. While I waited, I couldn't be a rude hostess, so I offered my...Read more