A Child's Dream Give-Away :: WoolPets Needle Felting Kit

Today, Debbie from A Child's Dream is offering two readers the chance to win everything that you need to get started needle felting, including your choice of one WoolPets Needle Felting Kit, a foam mat, and a wooden needle holder. Our international friends are welcome to join the fun!

Comments are now closed. The winners have been selected. Congratulations Ginny and Theresa.

awesome giveaway

Permalink Submitted by Ginny Blankenship (not verified) on Sat, 05/17/2014 - 10:07

I've been wanting to try my hand at wool felting but didn't know where to begin. This would be a great start. If I won, I would choose the frog. :)

Liked 'A Child's Dream

Permalink Submitted by Theresa (not verified) on Sat, 05/17/2014 - 09:57

Not only for a second chance, but really like their products..

If you are one of the lucky winners, please email us with your shipping information. If you did not win, remember that Debbie has offer all of our readers $10 towards your next purchase of $45 or more, valid through Saturday....Read more

Needlefelted Hedgehog

Tomorrow, we will be hosting a give-away from our sponsor, A Child's Dream. Yippy Skippy! When Debbie, the shop owner, was trying to decide what to give-away, I quickly suggested her WoolPets Needle Felting Kits. I've got a history with needle felting. Actually, it's a tale of woe, but I'll share that tomorrow, and I thought it was high time to once again dabble in needle felting :) Anyway, thought our readers would love the kits, and Debbie suggested she send me one to play with before hand. I was psyched! 

There are many different animals to choose from, including a bug or 2 :) You can check out the WoolPets Kits HERE. I chose a cutie patootie hedgehog! First, because they are cute as a bug's ear and second, because it said it was a "beginner" kit. I have done some needle felting, but it's been a while, so I thought I'd start out easy. I was a wee bit concerned when the kit came in because it had a sticker that said "intermediate" on it. So, not quite sure if the sticker was wrong or the description, but since he was...Read more

The Curse of a Good Sofa & Owl Inspiration

When my husband graduated from college, he inherited this behemoth of a sofa sleeper. It was a massive, queen sized pull out sofa sleeper that was uncomfortable as a couch and unbearable as a bed. It was covered in a stained, once beige and pink, rough, nubby, polyester (can they make fabric out of sandpaper) and must have weighed at least 2 tons. It never fit through a door way and yet somehow we managed to carry it up and down multiple stories in apartment living. We hated that sofa!

For my graduation present... and really more of a wedding present to ourselves... we decided that we needed to replace the beast with a nice sofa. So off we went. We moseyed through some of the discount furniture places but couldn't find anything we liked. Everything seemed so flimsy and well, cheap. On a whim ended up in Ethan Allen. Was it out of our price range? Probably, but my to-be hubby had already been working for a year as an engineer and had racked up tons of over time. We had more cash at that point then we have ever seen since (ya know,...Read more

3D Peach Tree

We created these cool 3-D Peach Trees, complete with fuzzy peaches, to go along with our States Studies Unit 2 (coming soon) lessons.


We started by using a wet on wet watercolor painting to create a blue background.

After streaking the sky with a mixture of blues, we blotted the page with a paper towel.

If you would prefer, you could skip the watercolor painting and just use a sheet of blue construction paper for the background.

While your background is drying, tear the bottom off a brown lunch sack. You can definitely use a used bag. Rip the bag in half from top to bottom.

Now make several tears (about 6-7) along the bottom edge about 1.5" long and make a few less (about 4-5) 2.5" long tears along the top edge. These sections will become your roots...Read more

Braided Jewelry :: Part 1

Over the years I've probably made 1,457 baby quilts. Yeah, so I might be exaggerating a little bit, but seriously, I've made a lot. I have a favorite pattern, which I will be sharing soon, that is a quilt-as-you-go blanket and it is super easy to make. It begins by cutting a stack of strips of fabric 3 inches wide. I can never remember how much I need, so I just start cutting. I always end up with a bunch left over. Over the years I've gotten quite a stack of left overs, which I always planned to turn into a bigger quilt. That hasn't happened yet.

So, I'm looking at all of these, and wondering what I could do with some of them. I played with them for a while. Then, I thought how pretty they would look all braided together. I had no particular end in mind, I just thought I'd braid some. So, I laid them out in a rainbow fashion. Yes, I know, in this pic I have the orange and red reversed, but I fixed that before I started :) 

...Read more

State Studies Unit 1 :: Week 9 Review

This is an outline of our State Studies Unit 1 :: Week 9 Mid-West States. It is the ninth week of a 9 week homeschool unit. Read the State Studies Unit 1 Overview to learn more about the program and catch up on past weeks.

Public Domain Photo

Week 9 is mostly a review week. We are only adding 1 new state this week and have no new activities. Take this week to finish up any projects that you might have missed. Finish reading any books that you haven't completed yet. Study for your quiz. I have added a full unit weekly schedule pdf to the overview page. You may want to print that out and add it to your journal. Just to let you know, it will be a couple weeks before I start posting the unit 2 guides. I haven't found all the books that I would like to use yet... but it is getting close. Stay tuned.

Read about:
Alaska, AK, Juneau
in Our Fifty States and The United States of America.

Map: Add the 1 new states...Read more