Part 1 can be found HERE.
Part 3 can be found HERE.

Here are the next two gnomes in our Big Gnomes for Little Hands series. For instructions on how to make these "big guys", check out the tutorial HERE. The actual pattern for our Sun Gnome and our Toadstool gnome can be found HERE.
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These are beautiful. I wish I'd had toys like that when I was a little girl.

I agree. I wish I had toys like that when I was a little girl. As a matter of fact, my children always had natural toys, but I didn't make most of them. My grandbabies on the other hand ... :)

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These are so cute! I only wish my embroidery skills were better. Hmmm,., perhaps I could needle felt the designs instead. ;-)

YOu certainly could needle felt the designs. Embroidery has finer designed edges, but both are beautiful in their own way. I actually want to start doing more needle felting. If you needle felt the designs, I want to see them!

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They are so adorable! I also wish I could do embroidery like that, it really takes the gnomes to a whole other level with that kind of "decoration" on them. I think it's time I look it up so I can make some like that too :)

All the stitches I used can be found in our stitch glossary As in all things in life, do it one stitch at a time and you'll do great :)

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Oh my, Kimara! How cute are these! Can't wait to make these little fellas!

Just beautiful, cheers Marie

These are adorable.
I just saw this on Etsy and had to come back to this blog to tell you, they sure look similar.

I missed where it says what size peg you use for these large gnomes?

You need to go to the actual directions which I've linked to at the top of this article. That can be found here

But, the answer to your question is I used a Large People Body (wooden peg) that measures 3 9/16" x 1 1/8"

Have fun making them :) 

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