Merry Christmas


Wishing you and yours a

joyous holiday filled with love

and peace!

Kimara and Michelle

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Wooden Christmas Stars

You would think, after 59 Christmases, I would run out of new things to make. HA! Not even close! Over the years my tastes have changed, and as they do, my house changes with me.

My tastes, although eclectic, now run on the "simple side". That is why when I saw a photo of simple wooden stars hanging from twine, I fell in love! Although I thought of cutting out my own stars, I quickly nixed that idea, and bought packaged 4" wooden Folk Art Stars from

Make a few or fill your whole house with stars. It is easy to do, and is "simply" beautiful!

(Added bonus: we have several bird feeders outside this window. We have trouble with birds running into the windows. When we hang things in the window, it helps the birds realize it isn't open space. You are welcome, birds :)

Pre cut wooden stars - Mine are 4" wooden Folk Art Stars from
Paint - I used white milk paint


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Waldorf Meets the Muppets :: Knit Doll Sweater & Pants Pattern

Last week Meghan and I were talking about Christmas gifts for the wee ones. She said the Little Guy was always running off with the Little Lady's doll that I made, and she wasn't were happy about sharing her dolly. Meghan suggested I make a doll for LG. I was all over that. I had already created a pattern for a knit-in-the-round doll, which can be found HERE, so all I had to do was create a pattern for pants and a sweater. In 2 days time I had made the doll, including the clothes. Yippie! Love when everything comes together quickly.

Just a comment about his hair... I used some fun yarns for his hair (more about that later.) My intention was to give him a haircut when I was done. When I saw his floppy mop, I said... Hey, he looks like Jon Bon Jovi! A young Bon Jovi! Before I had a chance to cut his locks, my family convinced me to leave Bonjovi's hair long and perky! It is awesome hair! It is so super soft and floppy. It is also very light weight so it doesn't weigh down his neck. I can always trim...Read more

Little Mouse Applique Block



Wishing You and Yours a Blessed and

Joyous Christmas from our family to



Kimara and Michelle

It is that time of year when Michelle and I tuck away Wee Folk Art for a few weeks to spend time with the family and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Before "heading out" (actually, we are staying put and everyone else is coming to us :), we wanted to share a little Christmas Mouse with you. Thank you, Fairy, for providing the inspiration. Although I'll still be kicking around Facebook, we will see everyone back here in 2013 :)

This year, Fairy tried out for and won a roll in a local production of the Nutcracker. We were all so proud of her, and not just for landing a roll, but for being brave enough to enter a totally unknown situation and giving it her all! 

Fairy was a gray mouse. Perhaps I'm biased, but I thought she was the most talented and adorable little mousey out there...Read more

Gnome Christmas Stockings

The other day I saw the most adorable wee stockings at Little Cotton Rabbits. If you've never been to Little Cotton Rabbits, you are in for a real treat. Julie Williams is a gifted designer and knitter. She makes the most little creatures that she sells. The demand for her work far exceeds her ability to keep up, so periodically, she announces that she has a new gaggle of lovelies to sell, and you can place a comment, hoping that her random drawings will give you the privilege to purchase one of her creations. When you look around here blog, you will understand why her work is so highly sought after!  To learn more about Little Cotton Rabbits, visit her SHOP and her BLOG.

Now, onto my Gnome Christmas Stockings. I saw no reason to reinvent the wheel, and decide to use the pattern for Mini Christmas Stockings Julie graciously shared. The pattern is available HERE. These are the only changes I made:

I used a single ply yarn instead of a worsted yarn. I had some beautiful Mini Mochi Rainbow yarn (it is Crystal Palace - Mini Mochi, #101...Read more

Winter Tissue Paper Trees

The other day on Facebook I shared a link to a posting for handmade Christmas cards on Back to the Drawing Board. The designer made a landscape using tissue paper trees, had them reduced and photo coped, then used them to make some awesome Christmas cards. Do check out her project. I thought the inside of her trees was especially clever!

We loved the bright and cheerful trees so much that we used the idea to make pictures of our own to display throughout the winter. We began by taping our water color paper to the table. This stops the paper from moving around and creates a border around your picture when the tape is removed. We used this same technique when we made our Winter Birch Trees last year.

After the paper was taped down, we used water colors to paint the sky blue, fading it into white. 

Next, we chose our tissue paper colors and cut them into squares.

We then smeared glue stick on cardstock paper, and added the squares in random patterns....Read more