Big Gnomes for Little Hands Delivered

Just in the knick of time, I finished the last 2 gnomes in our series, Big Gnomes for Little Hands, and was able to take them with me on my trip last week, and give them to The Little Lady. She was quite smitten with them, and spent half her time chewing on their hats (giving them a wonderfully unique look) and half her time holding onto the hat and swinging them around. And, yes, I can speak from experience, it does hurt when you are clobbered in the nose by a 7 month old armed with a gnomie :)

Next summer, Tim and I will be building her a gnome house (and, yes, the summer of 2012 we will FINALLY do a tutorial on how to make a gnome house!). She will then be old enough to play with the smaller gnomes without fearing a choke hazard. In the meantime, she has a set of 6 rainbow gnomes, perfect for little hands.

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Large Gnomes for Little Hands - Part 3


Here are the last two gnomes in our Big Gnomes for Little Hands series. For instructions on how to make these "big guys", check out the tutorial HERE. The actual pattern for our Lavendar Gnome and our Apple Gnome can be found HERE.






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Large Gnomes for Little Hands



I know it probably seems like I just got back from visiting Drew, Meghan and the Little Lady in Wisconsin, but, to me it seems like forever! I've got another trip planned mid May, and since it would be impossible for me to go empty handed, I tried to decide what I wanted to make to bring. Although I really wanted to make her some our Waldorf Inspired Peg Gnomes, they still could pose a choke hazzard, so I decided to make bigger gnomes.





I am working on a set of rainbow gnomes for the Little Lady. Remember last year I made a set of rainbow gnomes for Pixie's birthday basket? Well, those gnomes are teeny tiny next to these! Basically, I took my standard pattern for the Waldorf Inspired Gnomes and enlarged the pattern 125%. Worked great! But I decided since these were so much larger, I wanted to embellish them with applique and embroidery. Today I am sharing the first...Read more

Waldorf Inspired Needle Felted Wool Painting Giveaway

EDIT: The giveaway is now closed. A winner will be selected and announced tomorrow :)

Everyone has heard me talk about the love of my life, Tim. (The other day when I apologized to him for creating so much work for him... with programming for WFA and all the projects he does around the house for me, he looked at me and said, "It's nothing, sweetie, you are my hobby!" I ask you, who wouldn't love him?) Anyway... February 28, 2011 marked the 9th anniversary of when we meet. It was also the day Tim and I finally got married. After all the years we have spent together, it seemed a little silly to make a big to-do about it. So, Tim and I, along with my brother, Kipp, and his wife, Jennifer, went to an interesting little chapel, and got married.

Although the wedding was about as low keyed as you could get, we wanted to commemorate the day. After discovering Daria's Etsy shop, Art of Felting, in January, I contacted her. Daria lives in Rehovot, Israel . Here is the email I sent her...

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Knitted in the Round 12" Baby Doll - Part 2 - Adding Hair and Face

Part 1 - Knitted in the Round Doll can be found HERE.

Hair, like the face itself, is how you personalize the doll. I chose to use a thick, natural organic yarn, but pick yarns and colors that suit your fancy. Also, I chose a very simple face, with little crescents suggesting eyes and mouth, but if you prefer a more detailed face, or chose to add no facial features at all, it as all a matter of choice. No matter how you decide to personalize your doll, here are the general instructions for adding the hair and facial features.

yarn - you can make it all one color or any combination. You can use a chunky yarn like I did (Lion's Organic Cotton) or use 2 strands of a thinner yarn.

embroidery floss or pearl cotton - in colors of choice

disappearing marker

crochet hook to match yarn

yarn needle

Begin by marking the airline of your doll with a disappearing marker.

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