Big Changes at Wee Folk Art


I'm not a great secret keeper (understatement noted), so it's been driving me crazy not to share the progress of our new web design with you guys. I must admit I had very little to do with the actual change... it was all Michelle's design and Tim's computer skills. My contribution? Michelle would hold 2 things up and say, "Do you like this or that better?" I suspect she only asked for my input on things that she could have gone either way on. Have I ever mentioned she tends to treat me like a toddler? ;)

Anyway, I suspect you are oooing and ahing along with me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new design. It is less fussy, more open, but at the same time maintains the warmth and spirit of Wee Folk Art. I think she nailed it spot on!

You will need to take some time to reacquaint yourself with the site. We are organized a bit different, with some things being deleted and some new info being added. Probably the greatest change for us is the addition of a "Shop"!

Although our Shop will not be open until January, we are hard at...Read more

Holiday Giveaway from Art of Felting

This giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced shortly.

EDIT: Daria is from Israel. She will ship anywhere. All are welcome to enter :)

Several months ago I introduced you to Daria, from Art of Felting, when we commissioned her to needle felt a tapestry to commemorate my marriage to Tim.  
A few weeks ago we received an email from Daria. She was wondering if we would be interested in partnering for another give-away, in time for the holidays. It took us all of, hmmm, 2 seconds to say, "You betcha!"
After some discussion, we decided to offer 1 lucky winner a choice between her Waldorf King Winter

and a 3 piece Nativity.


Beautiful, aren't they? So, do you think it would be ethical for Michelle and I the enter, hehe? Anyway, both offerings are lovely, and should you be lucky...Read more

Moon and Stars Gnomes and Sleeping Bag

It's summer... time for camping under the moon and stars. Whether you throw a sleeping bag on the grass in the backyard or trek into the wilderness, there is nothing like lying on your back, on a clear night, and looking up at the wondrous night sky.

Naturally, our gnomes also enjoy star gazing. Here are our latest gnomes and there sleeping bag, perfect for a night under a blanket of stars and the moon!

To complete this project, you are going to need to do a little scavenger hunt through our site. You will need:

The Waldorf Inspired Gnomes found HERE.

The basic Sleeping Bag Directions found HERE.

The directions for how to make the woven stars found HERE.

And the actual pattern for THIS sleeping bag found HERE.

And, in the event you want to set up your own campfire scene you will need:

The campfire found HERE.

The felt trees found HERE.

And the mushrooms found HERE.

Okay... I think that is everything :)  To embellish your gnomes, simply add some woven stars on their hats and...Read more

Gnome Greeting Card

Wander back a few days and read the first couple of paragraphs of the post I had on reusing craft designs. Here, is yet another way to use our little gnome. Follow the basic directions there except use the pattern found HERE.

The biggest difference, is you will be placing the pattern on a fold. When you fold the watercolor paper, use a ruler to help make the crease sharp.

Place the pattern on the fold, trace the pattern and cut out, cutting through the front and back together.

Follow the directions for the bookmark to transfer markings, outlining and coloring with watercolor pencils. Then paint with water.

Come up with a cute little note on the inside, then, wah lah, a card any child... nah... any person, would love to get :)

Wouldn't these make lovely holiday cards? I can see it...Read more

Old World Wooden Gnomes Tutorial

The other day I shared our latest gnomes... the Old World Wooden Gnomes. In the past we've made Peg Gnomes, Knit Gnomes, Sewn Baby Gnome Dolls, and Michelle even designed Gnome Pillow Panels that you can buy from Spoonflower to sew and stuff. So, it only seems natural that we would eventually have gotten around to making wooden gnomes :)

NOTE: For general instructions on how to cut out wood, prepare it for finishing, then painting, and finishing, including the beeswax and olive oil finish recipe, check out the post HERE.

I made these from 1" ash, but you can use any medium or hardwood. Click here to download the Old World Wooden Gnome pattern. Begin by cutting the gnomes out of wood. As you will notice, they aren't perfect. The saw blade had a mind of its own, but that's okay. Even the wonky ones turned out cute :)

Although I've been working with wood for the past couple of years, and not nearly as often as I should to advance my skills significantly, I tried something new this project. I finally...Read more