Spring Bouquet Tutorial

If you would like to give someone special a bouquet of flowers this Spring that will last forever, considering making a bunch of these flowers in a array of beautiful colors. Whether you make a single flower or 2 dozen, they are sure to please. But remember... make some for yourself... we all deserve to give ourselves flowers every once in a while :)


For single flower:
2" x 28" piece of felt for each flower
Green felt for leaf
3/4" x 40" piece of calico for stem, ripped
2 copies of pattern
bead with large hole
4 12" long pipe cleaners
2 copies of pattern

For 18 flowers:
1/3 yard EACH of 3 colors of felt
12" X 18" Pea Soup for Leaves 
8 skeins of floss to match the selected felts (2 skeins of each color)
1/2 yard of green calico for stems
18 beads with large hole
72 12" long pipe cleaners
2 copies of pattern

Preparing pattern pieces:
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Introducing Our Spring Bouquet

It seems like in the Spring there are so many occasions when a lovely bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift. Whether it's Easter, Passover, Mother's Day, Graduation or a Dance Recital, the perfect gift is often flowers. The only problem with flowers is that their beauty is fleeting. This year, consider spending the time, making a bouquet that will last forever!

This week we are excited to share our Spring Bouquet. Although they are easy to make, I must admit it is rather time consuming to make a full bouquet, but the end results are so beautiful, trust me... it IS worth the time.

So, here is a peek at our Spring Bouquet. Tomorrow, we will post the directions on how to make your own, AND Wednesday, we will be hosting a very special give away with one of our awesome sponsors!


So come back all week, and think about the person in your life most deserving of this beautiful bouquet. (And, yes, it is perfectly permissible to make them for yourself!)

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Doorstop Bunny

My mom is still under the weather but she asked me to go through her rough draft post and see if I couldn't get the pattern up for everyone. I think I got all the links and such working (let me know if you notice something missing).

I must say, I think this little guy might be the cutest in the bunch so far. My girls were excited to see him. Pippin will make a great spring guest in your home. Enjoy!



Materials: (yardages are approximate and based on optimal placement)
Embroidery floss
2 3/4" buttons with 4 holes for eyes
2 12” pipe cleaners
Stuffing (wool or polyfil)
Beans, fish gravel or large grained sand for weighting the bottom

Note: My felt was from Wool Felt Central. I used the following colors:
Haybale (TOY2617) for the front, back, ears and base
Driftwood (WCF2619) for the muzzle, chest and tail
Antique White (WCF1102) for the eyes
Blushing Bride (WCF0942) for the inner ears and...Read more

Leprechauns Revisited

NOTE: Wee Folk Art is on vacation for the next week as we head to Wisconsin to see The Little Lady... and her mommy and daddy, of course :) We will have lots to share when we return. For those of you new to our site in the past year or two, we are resharing our links to our Leprechaun crafts and stories. Hope you enjoy :) I will be checking emails so if you have any questions, comments or concerns, I will be available. Have a great week, and see you back here on Wednesday, February 29... YAY! Leap Year :)

Last year we shared the goings on in the Gnome Thicket when the leprechauns came for a visit. If you are new to Wee Folk Art, you'll want to check out the crafts and the stories. Poor Britta was beside herself. Below is a list of links in the order that they were shared last year.

And, if you have been missing hearing stories from The Thicket, not to worry. There is going to be a wedding there this summer and you are all invited! More info to follow! 

The Leprechauns have returned to The Thicket. If you dare, you can make your own leprechaun... but be warned, Wee Folk Art accepts no responsibility to the havoc they may wreak! An introduction...Read more

Happy New Year


Wishing everyone a wonderful 2011 full of love, peace and a generous helping of crafty goodness! See everyone back here next week!


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