Rain Boot Applique Block

Statement: My floors are covered in mud. Period. End of story. As the near spring thaw begins to turn portions of our yard into a gooey brown viscous substance, my dogs joyously, nay, exuberantly, prance, dance and generally wallow in the stuff! Don't want this to be common knowledge, BUT, I've even tried dog boots. I think they ate them. Seriously. Or... they are buried somewhere in the yard, and I can just hear them snickering and nudging one another as they bound over the recent boot graves, proud of their clandestine tribulations.

So, no more dog boots. I've resigned myself to believing the mud on my floors is just another way of bringing the great outdoors inside. My floors will again be clean in the summer, but for now, I try not to begrudge them their joyous romps, and keep a mop handy, along with a good sense of humor.

Truth be told, although I'm willing to cut my dogs some slack when it comes to muddy paws, I don't have the same tolerance for humans. We can wipe our feet at the door, AND, wear awesome boots when we are outside. Rain boots have come...Read more

Peg Owl Tutorial

Whoooo wants a couple of adorable owls to come stay at their house? I think the real question is Whoooo wouldn't :) Using traditional wooden pegs and felt, these little guys can take their place with your gnomes, fairies and other woodland animals. And, using our basic pattern, you can personalize these wee owls to suit your fancy. Make one or make a "parliament" of owls. This duet will fit easily into my travel bag when I go visit the wee ones in Wisconsin next week. I hope they like snow :)

Wooden pegs - 2 3/8" x 7/8" 
Wool felt
Embroidery floss in coordinating colors
Crafting glue
Stuffing material
Batting - I used thin cotton batting


IMPORTANT: There can be significant variations in the sizes of the wooden pegs even from the same manufacture and even in the same shipment! Before cutting the body wraps out of felt, cut the pieces out of paper, and "try...Read more

Cup of Cocoa Applique Block

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we are prompted to think about romantic love. But I must admit, I've never really bought into Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong, I love romance, really, big fan of it, HOWEVER, I don't like "traditional holidays" that mandate romance. Getting flowers on Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day does nothing for me. I guess I'm as cynical as Lucy Van Pelt when she references Christmas, but I extend the message to Valentine's Day... "It's run by a big eastern syndicate you know." : ) No, to me, romance is when Tim brings me coffee in bed, sits next to me instead of across from me at restaurants so he can hold my hand, or when he works from home on days when I am sick so he can let the dogs out. Valentine's Day can't hold a candle to real, everyday romance for me.

That's not to say I don't appreciate Valentine's Day. I love the red and pink hearts, and take it as a gentle reminder to appreciate all the people we love. At Valentine's Day, I tend to think about all the friends that have touched me life. The friends that I...Read more

Peg Owls

I will be going to visit Little Lady and Little Guy in a few weeks. Of course, what proper Gammy would go calling empty handed? So, I've been already thinking about what I'd like to make for them. I want something small and light weight that will fit nicely in the small travel bag I use for train travel. Then, I thought of my owl.

I designed this little guy years ago before we started Wee Folk Art. It was an evening lark, and I don't even have a proper pattern. For years I've thought about sharing him/her here on Wee Folk Art, but just never got around to it. Well... since I want to make more, I'll be sharing the pattern soon. I plan to make 2 or 3 sizes. I want to make a couple (one for each hand) out of the large pegs for Little Guy. And I'll probably make a Mommy, Daddy, Little Lady and Little Guy owl family for LL.

Hopefully, I'll have the patterns done in the next week or two, so... if your gnomes need some feathered friends... watch for them : )

...Read more

Warm Woolen Mittens

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Brighton copper kettles and warm woolen mittens."

When Drew Drew Buns (the inexplicable name I called/call my youngest) was 4 years old, he came in from the season's first snowfall in tears and told me his "wrists were broke". The coat and mittens he wore left a band of young, tender flesh exposed and vulnerable to the frigid temperatures. That evening, I stayed up until I had knitted him a new pair of mitts... ones that nearly reached his elbows when uncuffed! They needed to go on before his coat, so after he donned the mittens, he needed help getting dressed. I suppose we effectively postponed his learning to zip a zipper by a couple of years, but that was a small price to pay. He was now able to romp in the snow without wrist freeze!

He wore those bright red mittens for three years. Amazingly, he never lost one. (Of course, once on, they were nearly impossible to remove :) When he finally outgrew them, I couldn't bear to part with them. Instead of putting them in our community mitten basket, they...Read more