The Book Nook

As many of you know, Michelle has closed down her homeschooling blog. With the demands of homeschooling, Wee Folk Art, and other creative projects we are involved in, Michelle has felt like she was spreading herself too thin. This made many people very sad :( Michelle had tons of great activities and projects she did with her children, plus some phenomenal units. So, for those of you that followed her, take heart. Many of her activities are very appropriate to Wee Folk Art. Because of that, you can expect to see some new additions around here.

For quite a while now we've talked about starting a Book Nook. I wanted a place to share some of our favorite books, from my childhood, my children's, and now, the grandbabies. So, from time to time we will feature a book. Sometimes, we might simply review a book we like. We might have anecdotal stories to share, there might be a craft or activity to do to enhance the reading experience. And sometimes, we will put together "baskets of books". These would be a collection of books on a particular topic, that we are using. They...Read more

Koala Marsupial Bookmark ;)

We receive the most wonderful emails from our readers. Some are questions, some are suggestions, some are heart touching stories that fill our eyes with tears and our hearts with love, and some, like this one, are informative, and at the same time make us giggle. I asked Di if she would mind if I shared her email with our readers. She graciously agreed.

Hi you wonderful people, creators of such fun objects of craft to make.

I have only one small beef with your website and that is that you called our Koala a bear. I have to say that it is not a bear in any sense because it is a marsupial which carries it babies in a pouch.

Please see the bit of info about the Koala – it is a really cute animal and I had one in my gum tree in my backyard about 10 years ago until the tree it was living in had to be cut down because it was dying and rotten inside. The Koala was relocated by the local ranger to another area with healthy trees.

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Fairy In the Tree

We've gotten a few inquiries about the little Fairy sitting in a tree in the Felt Forest. In answer to every one's questions, no, we do not have a pattern for the fairy. He was made using the directions for pipe cleaner fairies in Salley Mavor's incredible book, Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects. Making the fairies is not hard but there are many steps. She has detailed directions on how to make them, in various sizes, and with many different outfits. Plus, she has lots of other goodies to share. I highly recommend her book. I could not do a better job than her... so I won't try :)

(Update by Michelle) BTW: If you are looking for a kit... I have seen that the Klutz Series has one out... Fairies: Petal People You Make Yourself. Might be a good gift idea for crafty little girls... or the slightly older gals too ;)....Read more

Koala Bear Bookmark

A couple of weeks ago we featured our Mouse Bookmark. At that time we asked for other animal suggestions. Our first responder was Harley and she said her favorite animal was the koala. Well, we took that suggestion and made a Koala Bookmark. Although we often see pictures of koalas hanging onto tree trunks, we took a little creative license and had this little cutey hug a vine. Hmmm... wonder if there is a variety of eucalyptus vine... Anyway... the vine lends itself well to a bookmark. If you'd like to make one of these little guys for yourself, get your directions for the Koala Bookmark HERE or in our FREE Open Pattern Section. BTW... Although the book our koala is reading is NOT a book about Down Under, I thought A Year Down Yonder, was way too tempting to pass up! Enjoy!

NOTE: As hard as this may be to believe, I did not have any light gray wool felt so I used acrylic felt for this project. I haven't worked with acrylic felt in a long time... and with good reason! To be very honest I'm not sure how...Read more

Koala Bookmark

A sweet little koala from Down Under is busy reading A Year Down Yonder! Make your own koala bookmark as a reading pal!

wool felt
embroidery floss

1] Make copy of pattern.