Mouse Bookmark

Here is a sweet little mouse bookmark with a long and useful tail! This one is made out of felt and sewn, but if you're doing the project with young children, you can glue the felt pieces together or use card stock or construction paper. Whichever way you make him, I'm sure you'll find he'll fast become an indispensable friend!

Teeny Tiny Booklets

At Christmas, Tim bought me a lovely Owl necklace. It was a bit of a theme this year… all the girls in the family got owl necklaces… which has no bearing on today's project EXCEPT… my necklace came with the cutest little 8 paged booklet. Taking it apart I realized it was a standard 8 1/2" x 11” piece of paper, folded, with just one little cut. Since that time I’ve made a million of these. I keep them in a basket, along with some colored pencils, and whenever the wee ones want to make a mini book, they are good to go. They are also great to keep tucked in your bag as a ready amusement for children, or to jot down a few notes for yourself. Another nice thing about them, since only one side of the paper is seen, you can reuse printed paper that would have just been thrown away, into useful pads of paper.

This is definitely a project suitable for children to make, just as soon as they can fold a piece of paper neatly. I’m including the...Read more

How to Fold your Teeny Tiny Booklet

This is the way to fold a single piece of paper to become an 8 page booklet. Children can make their own as soon as they can neatly fold a piece of paper. The steps are included below.


1 piece 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper
rubber cement (optional) (Do not use water based glues or they will curl the edges of your booklet)